In July of 1981, Ray McKenney purchased the outstanding shares of Don Anderson, who had formed the original dealership corporation a year earlier. The name was then changed to McKenney Chevrolet, Inc.

The beginning date is significant because it was during this time that the country was experiencing one of its worst recessions. Interest rates reached record highs and automobile sales were at record lows. All employees knew that their only chance was to find some way to survive on the service, parts and body shop operations since actual car and truck sales were so scarce.

The company has often advertised that "We built our business on better service" and this is literally true. Each employee had been trained to know that customer service is their top priority. This commitment to service paved the way to record sales and continued growth.

There are two things of which the company is most proud. First is its reputation for being honest and fair to its customers and its employees. Second is its commitment to the community and its needs.

Our accomplishments reflect a proud heritage of loyal and dedicated employees. The McKenney and McKenney-Salinas Dealerships celebrate a long tradition of having the best reputation for honest and fair business practices. It is management's goal to provide each employee fair wages, excellent benefits, good working conditions and opportunities for each person's future.

Ray McKenney, Sal Salinas, Paul Lowrance, Jace Stowe, Don Willis Jr.